AMP Credit Score® Estimator

The AMP Credit Score Estimator is a tool that is FREE to eCredable Members. Once you have entered your bill payments in the Member Center, you will receive an estimated AMP Credit Score designed to help you understand what your AMP Credit Score might be after your bill payments have been verified.

The Estimator will give you a general idea of how your AMP Credit Score will be affected by certain actions, such as adding or deleting bill payment accounts, or adding more months of good pay history to an account with a late payment.



About the eCredable AMP Credit Score Estimator

As a Member, entering the requested bill payment information in the actual AMP Credit Score Estimator will allow you to see your estimated Score, and see how your future payment activities can affect your Score.  Join Now to start the process to see where you stand!

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Tier 1 Accounts

Tier 2 Accounts

Tier 3 Accounts

Tier 4 Accounts

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Tier 1 credit payments include:

  • Housing - Rental
  • Housing - Mortgage
  • Housing - Rent to own

Tier 2 credit payments include:

  • Electric Utility
  • Gas Utility
  • Water Utility
  • Phone – Mobile or Land
  • Cable/Internet/Television service
  • Revolving accounts/Credit cards
  • Automobile/vehicle loan
  • Secured loan
  • Unsecured or Payday loan

Tier 3 credit payments include:

  • All insurance types with payments made at least quarterly (excluding payroll deductions)

Tier 4 credit payments include:

  • Leases for furniture, appliances or durable goods
  • Layaway payments made monthly
  • Condominium/Homeowner association dues
  • Timeshare maintenance
  • Gym and physical therapy payment plans
  • Childcare and day care with regularly scheduled payments
  • Parking with regularly scheduled payments
  • Self-storage
  • Subscriptions and memberships with regularly scheduled payments

Notice and Disclaimer provides the AMP Credit Score Estimator information made available through this website page ( solely for the consumers' educational use, and without charge to consumers.

Results achieved using the AMP Credit Score Estimator are only an estimation designed to demonstrate how certain bill payment information and actions might affect your AMP Credit Score. The estimated rating may be different than your actual AMP Credit Score, which is based on verified bill payment data. has no control over the business policies of any creditors that use your AMP Credit Report and AMP Credit Score, and in no way guarantees your AMP Credit Score will ensure you receive specific financial terms from any creditor.