eCredable® is a credit reporting agency placing you in control!

Only now you can create a credit report and credit score based on bills that aren’t typically reported to the national credit bureaus.

Lenders can use your bill payment information from rent, utilities, insurance, cable TV, mobile phones and other bills when evaluating you for an auto loan, home loan, personal loan or line of credit.

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eCredable can help with these credit situations:

No Credit -OR- Debt Free

No Credit Model

"No credit" means you don't have a traditional credit history, making it difficult for you to qualify for products and services that require a credit check. eCredable can help you:

  • Build a credit history with Alternative Credit that you can provide to lenders when a credit check is required.
  • Qualify for traditional credit through eCredable’s process if you already have a history of Alternative Credit payments established.

Limited Credit

Limited Credit Model

“Limited credit” means you don’t have enough credit accounts to generate a traditional credit score. eCredable can help you:

  • Create an AMP Credit Report and AMP Credit Score that can include your traditional credit, as well as alternative credit, to give potential lenders a more complete picture of your overall credit profile.

Poor Credit

Poor Credit Model

“Poor credit” means your credit may have been hurt by a lack of employment, a medical situation, or other financial event. Depending upon your circumstances, you may not need to start over from the beginning. eCredable can help you:

  • Share the rest of your financial story NOT seen by typical credit bureau reports by providing supplemental bill payment information found in the AMP Credit Report which might make the difference in a lender’s decision.

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AMP Credit Report®

The AMP Credit Report  contains your bill payment history that is not typically reported to the national credit bureaus. We verify the information so your lender doesn’t have to, and include an  AMP Credit Score to easy evaluate your creditworthiness.

AMP Credit Score®

The AMP Credit Score is based on the verified bill payment information in your AMP Credit Report. The  AMP Credit Score uses a simple A+ to F and 1 -100 grading formula that makes it easy for everyone to understand.

AMP Score Watch®

AMP Score Watch  tracks and projects your AMP Credit Score based on the bill payment information you enter in your account. Monthly alerts of changes to your AMP Credit Score make it easy to stay on top of your credit picture and track your progress over time.

Financial Tools

Our financial tools can help you see where your money is going and understand the basics of how to manage your financial life.

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