About eCredable

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The credit reporting system in the U.S. hasn’t changed much in the past 120 years. There have been significant advancements in the use of technology and better scoring methods with the availability of new and different types of data, but the basic approach to a consumer building a credit history hasn’t changed. You need credit to get credit, and this “Catch-22” has resulted in ~45 million adults that cannot be scored using traditional credit scoring models (according the CFPB).

eCredable set out to change this when the company was founded in 2009. Led by a former President of Equifax and a seasoned group of professionals who have built many companies, we took on the challenge of fundamentally changing the way consumers and small (micro) business owners start on their lifelong journey of building and maintaining a credit profile they can use to their advantage.

Our lives are a series of credit-dependent events that includes getting our first apartment that requires utility services, to applying for our first credit card, student loan, car loan or eventually a home loan. eCredable helps every consumer no matter where they are in their credit stage of life beginning with initially building credit to managing credit for the long term.

We empower our partners to leverage eCredable Lift® (our credit building service) to broaden our reach to millions of consumers and small business owners. Your money and your credit are inextricably intertwined for most of your life. eCredable LiftLocker is a “digital financial advisor” for the average person who needs to manage their money and their credit in one place. This product is also available to be co-branded by our partners who are focused on the ~150 million credit active consumers in America.

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