Keep your AMP Credit Score up to date.

AMP stands for “All My Payments”, which is what eCredable uses to calculate your AMP Credit Score. The accounts you link to your eCredable Profile are included in your eCredable Credit File and used to calculate your AMP Credit Score. Our credit score scale of A - F is easy for everyone to understand, and backed up by a numerical scale of 1-100 which is easy for lenders to understand.

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Your AMP Credit Score should not be presumed to correspond to FICO scores as reported by the major credit bureaus in predicting your ability to obtain credit.

Plan now, and for the future.

Knowing your AMP Credit Score before you apply for a credit card or loan can increase your chances of approval. Depending upon your circumstances, you may need time to build your AMP Credit Score. If your AMP Credit Score isn’t where it needs to be today, our free AMP Score Watch tool helps predict when you should achieve the AMP Credit Score you need to qualify for a credit card or loan offer.

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Take control of your AMP Credit Score.

The free AMP Estimator helps take the guesswork out of where you stand today, and what you can do to build your AMP Credit Score over time. It is easy to see how your AMP Credit Score will be impacted by adding accounts like rent, insurance, and other accounts not linked to your Credit File, or how late payments you made over the most recent 24 months might have an impact.

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