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eCredable, a credit reporting agency that helps consumers prove their creditworthiness to potential creditors, and Catholic Charities Atlanta, are working together to help consumers who are trying to improve their financial lives.

eCredable provides a suite of online tools for consumers to help with financial literacy, budgeting, paying bills on time, and building a credit history that allows them to apply for an auto loan or home loan – even if they don’t have a traditional credit history. eCredable is a Credit Reporting Agency that uses the bills people are already paying (like rent, utilities, and insurance) to overcome the challenge of demonstrating their creditworthiness to a potential creditor.

“We are very proud that Catholic Charities Atlanta has chosen to partner with eCredable,” said Steve Ely, CEO of eCredable. “Our mission is to help people understand the importance of developing and maintaining sound financial behaviors, which in turn help them gain access to affordable mainstream financial services. The consumer can use the product by themselves, or they can collaborate with their counselor at Catholic Charities Atlanta to make sure they stay the course and achieve their goals”.

“We are committed to helping our clients understand the importance of developing credit, a key component of long-term financial independence”, said Miguel R. San Juan, CEO of Catholic Charities Atlanta. “Working with eCredable provides our financial counselors with an additional tool to offer the clients we work with in our housing counseling and financial literacy programs. The free online service from eCredable will help those we serve without traditional credit to become educated on the financial institution process, apply for a loan, build assets, and most importantly build credit for self-sufficiency and future success”.

An important outcome of this collaboration is to see people go through the process of demonstrating their creditworthiness, using eCredable’s AMP Credit Rating®. eCredable only works with lenders who report monthly payments to the national credit bureaus, which helps the consumer build a traditional credit history which is essential for the long-term.

About eCredable

eCredable is a Credit Reporting Agency that helps consumers gain access to mainstream financial services, using their payment history for bills like rent, utilities, and insurance in place of the traditional debt based credit. These bills are not typically reported to the national credit bureaus, resulting in 1 out of 4 adults being excluded from the automated scoring systems upon which most credit and lending decisions are dependent. Consumers can enroll in eCredable for free, enter their bill payment information, and immediately receive an assessment of how they look to a potential creditor so they can pre-qualify for credit lines, auto loans, and home loans.   Essential tools like financial education, budgeting, financial calculators, automated bill payment reminders, a credit rating simulator, and a monthly report card assist consumers who need help on their journey of achieving their desired AMP Credit Rating®. eCredable only works with lenders who report the consumer’s monthly payment to the national credit bureaus, building a bridge to credit for the consumer, and providing meaningful alternatives to more expensive alternative financial services. eCredable was founded in 2009, and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia.

About Catholic Charities Atlanta

Catholic Charities Atlanta is an advocate and friend for individuals and families facing adversity. We provide a holistic combination of accredited social services − life skills education, counseling, family stabilization, and immigration legal services − that remove barriers to self-sufficiency and wholeness. Our services are tailored for the unique circumstances of the people we serve, and our impact is real and measurable. We are faith-based and serve our neighbors professionally, compassionately, in multiple languages and regardless of background. Since 1953, we have helped over one million people reach wholeness and self-sufficiency from adversity.
For more information about Catholic Charities Atlanta, please visit or call 404.920.7725.

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