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What does AMP stand for?

AMP stands for "All My Payments". With eCredable, you can FINALLY make all of your payments count!

How is my eCredable AMP Credit Report different from a consumer credit report from the three national credit bureaus?

Your eCredable AMP Credit Report is different from a credit report from the three national credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) in the following ways:

  • It is controlled by you and contains only the bill payment accounts you choose to include in your AMP Credit Report.
  • It contains the payment history of your monthly obligations such as rent, utilities, mobile phone providers, any insurance, child care, school tuition, personal loans not typically reported to the Big 3 credit bureaus.
  • You can add or remove payment accounts to your AMP Credit Report at any time.
  • It can be used to obtain credit in the absence of a FICO score (or other credit score) from the Big 3 credit bureaus.

Why aren’t my monthly bill payments reported to the “Big Three” national credit bureaus?

Creditors and service providers are not required to report your monthly payment history to the Big Three credit bureaus and many companies don’t. However, although they may not report customer accounts that are paid as agreed, accounts that go into collection are usually reported to the bureaus by the creditor, or by their collection agency. Even though you might think you don’t have a credit report at the Big Three, you may have as a result of defaulting on a financial commitment for a utility bill that was sent to collections and then used to create a credit file for you.

Does eCredable provide my information to the “Big Three” national credit bureaus?

No, eCredable does not report your information to Equifax*, TransUnion* or Experian*.

Can eCredable repair my credit report with the “Big Three” national credit bureaus?

No. Your AMP Credit Report is a unique, standalone credit report that highlights includes the payment history you have developed with your monthly or regular bill payment accounts, and chosen to include in your AMP Credit Report. eCredable will in no way “repair” your bureau credit report or your bureau FICO score or any other credit score used by any credit bureau.

Do I need a Social Security Number (SSN) to build an AMP Credit Report?

No. If you do not have a SSN, you may build an AMP Credit Report using an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). However, the creditor or lender may require you have a SSN when applying for their product.

Who has access to my AMP Credit Report?

Only people you authorize. If you apply for an offer in the eCredable Marketplace the lender will may see your AMP Credit Report and/or your AMP Credit Score. You may also authorize online access to your AMP Credit Report and AMP Credit Score so that anyone may view your report in your secure, online eCredable account free of charge.

Who accepts the AMP Credit Report?

Any business that has historically used non-traditional credit as a way to assess a consumer’s credit worthiness has a need for the AMP Credit Report. By automating a process creditors have been performing manually, eCredable provides a valuable, cost saving benefit. The creditor is not required to grant you a loan. eCredable is constantly pursuing relationships with new lenders and creditors who agree to use our AMP Credit Score in their underwriting processes. Refer to our Marketplace for a current selection of lenders and creditors.

You may also refer to our Marketplace for a current selection of lenders and offers available in your area. Check back periodically because eCredable is continuously changing and adding new lenders and creditors who use our AMP Credit Score to the Marketplace.

How long is my AMP Credit Report good (“Current”) for?

Just like a traditional credit bureau report, your AMP Credit Report will be considered “current” by creditors for a certain period of time. Depending on the underwriting criteria of the creditor, the credit information may no longer be considered “current” after 30 - 45 days. "Current" means that the account payment history has been verified within the time frame allowable by the creditor viewing the report. As an example, if your AMP Credit Report reflects your January payments, and the creditor is viewing the report on January 25th, the report will generally be considered current. If the payment history for the account was verified on December 1st, then on January 25th the creditor may not consider the report to be current by their guidelines.

Many creditors typically require that the reported “active” accounts (open accounts you are currently paying) be verified within 30 days or less. Creditors such as mortgage lenders may need the reported active accounts to be verified within the month that they are using the report. Other types of businesses, such as employers, may accept your report if it is older than 30 days.

For this reason, verifications must be completed within 45 days to be calculated into the AMP Credit Score. Creditors will depend on the AMP Credit Score to provide a score of your most current payment history. Verifications 45+ days old can be included in your AMP Credit Report, but are not calculated into your AMP Credit Score.

What does it mean to “verify” a bill payment account?

Because alternative credit is not typically being delivered through a traditional credit database, creditors need to know that the alternative credit information they are reviewing has been authenticated by a trusted verification source. For that reason, verification of alternative credit accounts is a requirement in the lending industry. Verification means that each bill payment account holder is contacted by a special credit verification company to verify the current status of the account and the payment history for the account. The information gathered during the verification process becomes a part of your AMP Credit Report. In most cases, eCredable verifications will be completed in 3 – 5 business days.

When should I join eCredable?

You can join eCredable right away and begin recording all of your bill payments in your eCredable online account. We suggest that you set up reminders for each of your bill payments so we can notify you when it is time to make your bill payments. We want to help ensure that you never forget to make your payments on time. You can also begin taking advantage of the free AMP Credit Score Estimator to get an idea of where your score might fall, based on the bill payment information you provide. When you are ready to use your AMP Credit Report, you can quickly, easily and securely order your bill payment verifications right from your existing online account.

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