Do ATM Visits Affect My Credit Score?

ATM visits do not affect your credit. Because you are simply taking money out of your own bank accounts, which are not included in your credit report, these visits will not impact your credit score.

Multiple ATM visits can have an impact on your wallet in terms of banking and ATM fees. If you use an out-of-network ATM — one not operated by your bank — you may be charged a fee by your own bank in addition to the standard ATM fees you agree to pay when completing your transaction.

Find out if your bank offers free ATM visits for an in-network transaction and research where all your local ATMs are located. Some free or discount checking accounts may have a monthly limit for ATM transactions.

Avoid using any credit card at an ATM to get cash. Credit card companies treat this as a cash advance and will charge you higher interest than you normally pay, often accompanied by a separate fee. The interest also starts compiling as soon as you take the cash out.