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eCredable’s AMP Credit Report and AMP Credit Score® gives consumers a way to present their bill payments that are not reported to the national credit bureaus in a traditional credit report format, verified by a leader in the credit reporting industry, and accompanied by a sound, predictive credit rating. To ensure accuracy and authenticity, creditors can view the AMP Credit Report and AMP Credit Score via eCredable’s secure online website. eCredable’s verification provider's staff is Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) certified, and the AMP Credit Report meets the guidelines of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD and FHA.

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AMP Credit Report Details Page One

The AMP Credit Report Up Close

- Identifying Information

Presents the eCredable Member’s name, address, Social Security Number and date of birth.

- AMP Credit Score Summary

The AMP Credit Score analyzes account type, age of account, payment amount and payment history to provide a reliable and predictive measure of applicant risk.

- Key Factors

The AMP Credit Score supports regulatory compliance by delivering the 4 Key Factors that adversely affect the score, listed in the order of their importance.

- AMP Credit Report Summary

Summarizes all Credit Accounts included in the Report by category, and provides a combined total of the balance, payment amount, and number of late payments for all Credit Accounts reported in that category.

- Rated Accounts

Presents a summary of the verified Credit Accounts, presented by Tier (Tier 1, Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV) that are factored into the AMP Credit Score. Alternative Credit Tiers were established and defined by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHA to guide mortgage lenders in evaluating potential home buyers who do not have traditional credit reports with the national credit bureaus. This Tier structure has become the standard for the reporting of Alternative Credit in many types of lending and underwriting decisions.

- Verifications 45+ Days Old

Summarizes Alternative Credit Accounts with verifications 45+ days old, which are not factored into the AMP Credit Score.

- Unverified Accounts

Summarizes Alternative Credit Accounts that have not been verified, and are NOT factored into the AMP Credit Score.

AMP Credit Report Details Page Two

- Credit Account Detail

Presents each Credit Account factored in the AMP Credit Score, categorized by Tier. Industry standards rank alternative credit categories by order of significance of the specific account type:

  • Tier I payments includes rent, utilities, and telecom payments.
  • Tier II payments are those paid directly to insurers (excluding payroll deduction).
  • Tier III payments include any other monthly payments.

- Account Holder Information

Name, address and phone number of the institution or lender.

- Account Information

Credit Account details simplify individual account analysis

- Verifier Information

Identifies Verifier and verification date.

- Payment History

Details the monthly payment status for up to 24 months of account payment history.

The Credit Report Redefined Up Close

The AMP Credit Report and AMP Credit Score were developed exclusively by eCredable to provide Alternative Credit Account details in a concise and readable format, and to facilitate quick and reliable analysis and risk decisions. The AMP Credit Report allows the consumer to present their ECOA qualified credit accounts in a standardized format that creditors can use. The Report and Rating help creditors evaluate their applicant’s Alternative Credit information, determine risk, and meet regulatory compliance objectives.