Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Why is it important to have my bill payment information verified?

Bill payment history that is not voluntarily reported by the account holder does not reside in a database at the major credit bureaus in the same way that traditional credit does. For that reason, bill payment accounts must be compiled and verified by a credit verification company for the creditor to accept them for consideration. Verification means that each bill payment account holder is contacted by a special credit verification company to verify the current status of the account and the payment history for the account.

It is very important for anyone reviewing your AMP Credit Report to know that the information it contains has been verified by a source they know they can trust, and that it meets industry best practice standards for accuracy and authenticity. That is why eCredable has partnered with some of the premier credit reporting and verification companies in the country to conduct the investigation and verification of all bill payment account history.

Verification is a process by which each bill payment account holder is contacted by a special credit verification company to verify the current status of the account and the payment history for the account. (NOTE: Linked accounts do not require Manual Verification except in special circumstances.)

eCredable’s verification providers are members of the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA).  Their verification staff are Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) certified, and all verifications meet or exceed the guidelines of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD and FHA. Our verifiers are well known in the financial industry and already provide a variety of credit related products to banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, finance companies, landlords and property managers, and dozens of other financial institutions who regularly check consumer credit.

Can I print my AMP Credit Report before my bill payments are verified?

Yes. However, your AMP Credit Score is based on accounts that are either Linked or manually verified. An AMP Credit Report containing un-Linked accounts that have not been verified will not reflect the most accurate AMP Credit Score until the verification process is complete.

Which verified bill payment accounts should I include in my AMP Credit Report?

Typically, you will need 4 - 5 accounts with at least 12 months of payment history to achieve an “A” AMP Credit Score. These accounts should be primarily Tier I, Tier II and Tier III accounts, as these accounts have the greatest impact on your score.

Be sure to use eCredable’s free AMP Credit Score Estimator and AMP Credit Score Watch to evaluate what your AMP Credit Score might be before spending money to have any accounts manually verified only to discover the AMP Credit Score you will likely receive will not meet your goal.

Industry standards rank alternative credit categories in “Tiers”, or by order of significance of the specific account type:

  • Tier I accounts include payments for housing rental, rent-to-own or mortgage payments.
  • Tier II accounts include loans (other than mortgage payments), revolving accounts, utilities, cable or satellite TV, Internet and telecom payments.
  • Tier III payments are those the borrower paid directly to insurers (excluding payroll deduction) for medical, automobile, life, household, or renter’s insurance made at least quarterly.
  • Tier IV payments all other types of payments made on a payment schedule, such as child care, furniture and appliance lease, alimony, monthly parking fees, membership dues, homeowner association fees, and layaway plans. Regular deposits into a savings account for a minimum of 12 months qualify as an alternative credit source. These are all acceptable sources of alternative credit.

What if I close a bill payment account that was previously verified?

Closed bill payment accounts with a payment history that falls in the most recent 24 months can be re-verified and included in your report, and will be calculated in your AMP Credit Score. Verification of closed bill payment accounts never expire, meaning once they are verified they will always be “current” and will always be calculated in your score when included in the AMP Credit Report.

NOTE: The older the closed date becomes, the less impact it will have on your score. Verified payment history on closed accounts that falls outside the most recent 24 months will not be included in your AMP Credit Score.

Do I need to report all of my bill payment accounts?

Most creditors will generally want to see a minimum of three (3) to five (5) alternative credit accounts. You should consider including mostly Tier I, Tier II and/or Tier III accounts to gain the maximum benefit toward the AMP Credit Score.

You do not have to report all of your regular payment accounts, but what you leave out may in some cases be as important as what you include. As an example, let’s say your AMP Credit Report contains rental payments but no utilities. If your utilities are not included in your rental fee, a credit grantor may question why you chose not include your utilities on your AMP Credit Report.

Be sure to use eCredable’s free AMP Credit Score Estimator and AMP Credit Score Watch to evaluate what your AMP Credit Score might be before ordering verifications or creating your AMP Credit Report.

What type of bill payment accounts should not be reported on my AMP Credit Report?

The following are examples of accounts that would not be acceptable bill payment accounts:

  1. Payday Loans
  2. Health insurance accounts that are paid through payroll deduction
  3. Accounts that are not paid on a set or regular payment schedule
  4. Accounts that are paid less frequently than once every three months
  5. Accounts paid to a business or individual that cannot be verified as a legitimate business entity, such as a business with no physical address or land-line telephone number
  6. Private loans, payment accounts or home/apartment rental accounts paid with cash or other tender that does not provide a verifiable payment history (such as canceled checks, creditor statements or proof of electronic bill payments.)
  7. Accounts that are not in your name.

How do I get my bill payment information verified and how long will it take?

Once the Consumer Authorization Form and other required documentation has been received by our processing staff, your verification will generally be completed in 3 - 5 business days. However, some creditors or landlords may take longer depending on responsiveness or their verification policies. You can login to your account at any time to view the status of your verification requests by simply clicking “My Verifications” from your eCredable dashboard.

It is very important that all Verification Order fields be completed and that you double check to be sure all information such as account numbers and contact phone numbers are entered correctly. Errors in this information can result in a rejection of your verification request, unnecessary delays in processing the verification order, and possible additional verification charges.

Please note: verifications cannot begin until we receive ALL required documentation, including the eCredable Consumer Authorization.

Why is it necessary for me to sign and return an eCredable Consumer Authorization Form?

When creditors are asked to provide credit or payment information on their customers, they want to know that the people making the request have a legitimate reason for receiving the information. The creditor also wants to know that they are providing information at your request. By signing the eCredable Consumer Authorization Form, you are providing the creditor your permission to give the eCredable verifier the information they need to complete your verification order. Without the completed authorization form, the verifier cannot begin work on your verification request.

When should I order verifications and my AMP Credit Report?

You should order your bill payment verifications and your AMP Credit Report as close to the date you need it as possible, taking into consideration the time necessary to complete the verifications. This will ensure that the report is as current as possible when you present it. Just like traditional credit, most creditors will generally want to see the most up to date picture possible of your alternative credit file, to ensure that you have paid all of your monthly obligations on time.

Many creditors typically require that the reported “active” accounts (open accounts you are currently paying) be verified within 30 days or less. Creditors such as mortgage lenders may need the reported active accounts to be verified within the month that they are using the report. Other types of businesses, such as employers, may accept your report if it is older than 30 days. For this reason, verifications must be completed within 45 days to be included in the AMP Credit Score. Creditors will depend on the AMP Credit Score to provide a score of your most current payment history. Verifications 45+ days old can be included in your AMP Credit Report, but will no longer be factored into your AMP Credit Score.

When is the best time to order verifications of my bill payments?

Because creditors need to evaluate credit information that they consider up to date, it is important that the AMP Credit Report and AMP Credit Score reflect what the creditor considers to be current payment history. This time period is usually a maximum 30 days since the last due date on your accounts for most creditors. You may include any payment accounts, in your AMP Credit Report, but payment accounts with verifications over 45 days old, or that are not verified, will not be factored into your AMP Credit Score. For this reason, you will want to place your Verification Order as close as possible to the date you plan to use it. Note: Be sure to allow 3-5 days for the verifications to be completed.

What is the charge for verifying my bill payments?

The verification cost is $19.95 (Nineteen dollars and ninety five cents in US Dollars) to verify any bill payment account. Remember, verifications are good for 45 days. Verification fees are NOT refundable. This is because once you submit your Verification Order, it is immediately routed to our Verification Partner and work begins on your verification very quickly.

If for any reason you need to update an existing verified account or re-verify an account because it has expired (older than 45 days), you will need to pay the $19.95 fee again.

NOTE: Linked accounts do not require Manual Verification except in special circumstances.

Why is there a charge for verifying my bill payments?

Verification of your bill payment accounts is a labor intensive process that includes such actions as verification of the creditor as a legitimate business entity, verification of any provided account documentation, and at least one, and often multiple calls to each creditor. Faxing information or a conference call between the verifier, the creditor and you is not uncommon. All verifications are performed by FCRA certified verification specialists who are specifically trained to verify credit accounts and understand all aspects of the Federal Laws, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), as well as Federal and State Laws regarding privacy and security of information. The work they perform insures the accuracy and authenticity of your AMP Credit Report.

My verifications are complete. Now what?

Once your verifications are complete, simply select the verified bill payment accounts you wish to include in your AMP Credit Report. Your verified AMP Credit Report, including your verified AMP Credit Score, is ready for you to use, print or share.

What if I discover inaccurate information in my completed verification?

eCredable wants your report to be as accurate as possible. If you find information contained in a completed verification to be inaccurate, you should notify eCredable as quickly as possible. You may contact us in various ways:

  • Online Support at Online Support
  • By phone at 888.732.7227
  • By email at
  • Via LiveChat in your eCredable account

Once eCredable receives your dispute, we will immediately begin a re-investigation of the inaccurate information. You will be notified promptly upon completion of the dispute. Occasionally, you and the creditor may not agree on the information provided in the verification. eCredable is obligated to report account information as it is re-verified by the creditor.

You also have the option to create a new AMP Credit Report that does not contain the bill payment in dispute. Because your verified accounts are very time sensitive to most creditors, be sure to create your new AMP Credit Report within 45 days from the oldest Verification Date in your report. This will allow you to present your report and score while any other verifications that were performed are still current.