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    “Understanding how credit scores are calculated empowered me to know what kind of rates I should expect to pay when applying for credit.”

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    “Learning how APR (annual percentage rate) effects the cost of loans empowered me to save money!”

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    “The AMP Credit Score® Estimator took the guesswork out and empowered me to make the right choices to improve my credit score.”

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    “Alternative Credit empowered me to be able to apply for products from mainstream financial providers.”

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AMP = All My Payments

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Ilyce Glick

Award-winning, nationally syndicated columnist, television reporter and radio talk show host.

Your financial Life By Ilyce Glick

Understanding the products and services available to you from providers of financial services can be complicated.   Ilyce has developed a common sense approach to helping you understand all benefits and pitfalls.

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AMP Credit Score® Estimator

You probably never heard of your AMP Credit Score until now. The Estimator is a free tool that helps you understand what your score might be, even before you become a Member. You don’t have to share any information about yourself to get a quick look.

Access to your personal AMP Credit Score is only available to Members, so join now and check out your AMP Credit Score in as little as 5 minutes.

AMP Credit Score Estimator

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Everything you wanted to know about
Alternative Credit, but were afraid to ask.

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