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Most people that including your rent payment in your credit report is one of the smartest things you can do. It might be, but reporting two utility payments is more valuable than one rent payment, and much easier - and cheaper - to report.

When you get your credit score, you may be surprised to learn that the score you receive is not a FICO score. That doesn’t mean that the score you received is “wrong,” or somehow inferior, though. There are a variety of credit scores that lenders can use to make credit decisions, and the ones they choose depend on which ones they believe are right for their business.

Tips for building a credit history if you are an international student or immigrated to the United States. Credit is an important part of the American financial institution and therefore an important part of the American dream. If you have no credit as an immigrant or international student, know that you do have options to help you build your credit history in a responsible manner.

Legislation introduced late last year aimed at changing the way the nation’s largest mortgage loan holders, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, conduct business, could signal a tipping point in how, and even if, credit scores are calculated for lending decisions.

Beverly Harzog shares her views on the best Secured Credit Card of 2020

Good credit is an essential part of your overall financial health. As a smart consumer, you probably already know that paying attention to your credit scores is important. Without good credit you can expect to pay more for the things you need. Without good credit you may be denied for loans, credit cards, and even housing.